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ประเภทสินค้า : อุปกรณ์ล้างฉุกเฉิน (Emergency Eyewash)

รุ่น : UFEW3

รายละเอียด :


- Homes, Labs, Hospitals, Research Facilities
- Convert any faucet into emergency eyewash station
- Can be installed at any sink
- Can be quickly activated
- Provides an unlimited supply of water for rinsing a user is eyes


- Simple & easy to use
- Activate the eyewash in a single motion
- Diverter valve for eyewash & Control valve for Faucet
- Water flow is controlled by a quarter turn ball valve & knob at the bottom
- Pulling the knob on the front to activate the eyewash
-Mimics the operation of a conventional tap
- Outlet heads are adjustable and deliver soft aerated flow of water without splashing

Quality Assurance

- Manufactured with 100% testing to Unicare quality standards